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Basic Car Services & Mileage Intervals

Is Your Car Ready For The Road? As you put miles on your car, there are some basic milestones for proper car care services. Keeping up with regular car maintenance will ensure your car continues to run properly and efficiently and also keeps major auto repairs at bay....

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What You NEED to Know About Brake Maintenance

How Do You Maintain Your Brakes? Your braking system is perhaps the most important system of your vehicle. For starters, it's quite impossible to drive your vehicle without brakes. It’s the system that gives your vehicle the ability to come to a stop when needed. Your...

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Is Your Car Vibrating?

Is Your Car Vibrating? Feeling vibration while driving your car can point to several potential problems. Some are simple fixes, while others may be more serious. Either way, if your car is vibrating, you should get your car to a trusted mechanic like AAMCO Louisville...

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Top 5 Car Repairs You Might Need Right Now

Keeping Your Car Maintained Is Key Taking your car into the shop is never fun – and often stressful. You never know how much you will have to spend on car repairs but being proactive about car maintenance can keep costs down in the long run. Usually, you can tell when...

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Is A Transmission Fluid Flush Right For You?

What Is Transmission Fluid? Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of your transmission. Your transmission fluid lubricates and cools your transmission while your engine is running. The fluid keeps components from causing too much friction and overheating the...

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Common Transmission Problems That Mean Trouble

What are some common transmission problems? There's a pretty high chance that if you are a car owner, the phrase "Transmission problems" has made your heart sink. These problems can often be incredibly stressful and expensive to deal with and can often push car owners...

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4 Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Is Your Check Engine Light On? One day, you’re driving around town running errands and the check engine light illuminates on your dash. A lot of drivers find the check engine light a mystery since it doesn’t point out the actual problem or solution. Related: Free...

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5 Warning Signs of A Failing Transmission

Bad Transmission Symptoms On a sunny afternoon morning, you prepare to head out for a road trip. Halfway there, your car starts to make a strange whining noise so you slow down. The sound goes away and you take off again when suddenly the car revs up and it kicks you...

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AAMCO Louisville Little League Giveaway

Congratulations!! North Oldham Little League Phillies Win a VIP Game Day Experience The winning team will receive tickets for the entire team to attend the Louisville Bat's game on Father's day June, 16th. The team will also have the opportunity to stand with the...

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